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The ingredients are legit, but they do affect neurotransmitters (they contain Rhodiola Rosea 5 HTP) so it is up to you. Ive experienced it and I assure you it is real. It doesnt work and they need more and its just an ugly downward spiral. Check out their descriptions, read some reviews and see if they are right for you. Since I quit caffeine, and have recovered from withdrawals, my life has gotten a lot better. If you decide to go caffeine free and you have been dependent on caffeine for years like I was you will go through withdrawals, and they will likely last for months. dating site ul bmw dating site ul bmw dating site ul bmw

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As You See This is Not Easy This is not for everyone. Bad caffeine withdrawal after 3 months Anxiety during caffeine withdrawal Things that may help with caffeine withdrawal: 1) Drink a lot of water 2) Taper off the Caffeine, meaning quitting caffeine cold turkey might not be the best way to deal with the addiction. So while Im not here to tell you what choices to make, I am here to portray the facts so you can make an educated decision. . Sleep got a lot better this month. Ask yourself right now, if caffeine wasnt available for you tomorrow, how productive and useful would you be? But the fact is is that it is a drug, it is addictive, and I believe  your life can significantly improve without. I also dont have to spend my hard earned money just to feel good and have the energy to get out of the house. Approaching girls a lot more now and I truly believe this has helped. In my own personal experience, quitting caffeine changed my life. So each time I went right off it again.

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